SmartGrid: Light, customisable & multi grid with minimal config.

31 July 2021 3 mins Read

Introducing smart grid, a lightweight 116 B, customisable (UI is up to you), multigrid (multiple...

JavaScript: Simplifying 'this'

26 July 2021 3 mins Read

The Basics this in any scope is equivalent to the object, implicitly it's the object from...

Micro frontend: A Windows clone with micro apps

19 June 2021 5 mins Read

I was planning to build an online portfolio as an OS clone, my idea was to build it as a portfolio...

Using as CMS for Gatsby(or any) Portfolio

13 June 2021 5 mins Read

About 3 weeks earlier I started writing blogs on but I also had a portfolio with blogs,...

How to Create a 2D draggable grid with react-spring: The showdown

08 June 2021 9 mins Read

Welcome to the final part of the series! In the last part we had a grid with every block moving...

React useEffect: The basics and the secrets

04 June 2021 2 mins Read

Almost everyone is familiar with hooks these days, useEffect is one of the most used hook. My 2 cents...

Creating 2D blocks layout with custom hook useDraggable

03 June 2021 7 mins Read

We already have a draggable block with dragging logic coupled with the UI component. Custom...

How to Create a 2D draggable grid with react-spring

29 May 2021 4 mins Read

In this article we will create a 2D grid were each item can be dragged and moved to a different place...

Spread Operator: don't misuse it

28 May 2021 2 mins Read

Spread operator was introduced with JavaScript ES6 along with other great features, but with great po...

Gatsby: Smart way to build websites

26 May 2021 3 mins Read

Gatsby is Frontend framework based on React and GraphQL with plugins for almost anything one can imag...

Creating Scalable Frontend architecture

08 March 2021

Difference between Scaleable and Domain driven architecture.

Smart Grid: A Lightweight virtualized grid.

08 March 2020

Journey from scroll able div to virtualized pinned grid.